Hello and Welcome to my space on the Web 🙂

I am Esther and I like a lot of things. If I had to narrow it down to 5 things though I would say poetry, creative writing, plant-based cooking, self-care and music. However, this blog is not about narrowing anything down. This is a space for me to share with you things that I do and like to hopefully inspire you in some way.


Why is this blog called how to grow a flower?

I called this space how to grow a flower because this a documentation of how i am growing. Some people have always grown up in a beautiful flower garden, where everything is intact. Yet there are some of us who grow up in environments that are not nurturing or nourishing, some flowers die some flowers give up and others are just hanging loose and sting (as an act of self defence), yet some still manage to take what they have and to connect roots with others in such a way that they can heal and grow too (if this makes no sense to you then that’s ok). This blog is for all those flowers that are growing even if they are slightly punctured.

Where are you currently based?


Where are you a local?

Mombasa and Berlin

How is the content set up?

Roots- here you will find content that deals with things that ground me and help me find balance to keep on going. So topics that will be posted about here are on self-care, mental health, relationships, community, life in the city and people and things that keep me rooted.

Stem– here you will find content that is a result of the elements that make up the roots section such as my poetry, creative writing and performances. If you are however just interested in my creative writing, my writer’s blog is here : www.estherkondo.com

Petals– DIY recipes, hair routines. All things natural beauty and some random blotches of fashion maybe.

Nourish-Water– FOOD FOOD FOOD BABY aka find all my plant-based recipes here.

Feel free to ask me anything i will then decide if i will answer it or not, but ask ask ask 🙂 either way i will respond 🙂


sending you lots of love

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